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This law copied that of several other states and required quarterly reports to be made to the board of examiners with the names of all inmates who were "feeble-minded, insane, habitual criminals, moral degenerates or sexual perverts" and who were soon to be eligible for parole or release.Period Analysis: The Nebraska Supreme Court followed the earliest courts in finding that fellatio did not constitute a violation of the sodomy law, although it urged the legislature to act to correct the situation.It was suggested that officials in different counties used different definitions of "sexual misconduct." Omaha’s Douglas County, the state’s largest, which had almost half the total commitments, had none for private, consensual homosexual activity.A detailed history of some of those committed under the law included "E," who had been committed for 2 years for consensual homosexual activity with an adult.A new code adopted in 1858 eliminated the reference to common-law crimes, but used a common-law definition of the crime of sodomy and allowed a maximum of life imprisonment for its commission. Jess Kinnan had been arrested on a charge of forcing a woman to fellate him and appealed his conviction on the ground that fellatio did not constitute the "crime against nature." After reviewing decisions of several states that decided that fellatio was not such a crime, the Nebraska Supreme Court unanimously upheld the conviction of a small-town physician for sodomy with a female child.During his trial, a young man testified that Abbott had committed "pederasty" on him several years before.

A man who had consensual and ongoing sexual relations with a 13-year-old boy.

the Nebraska Supreme Court unanimously sustained the public indecency conviction of a man who was masturbating in a public restroom, but faced away from the public area.

He had been spied by a shopping mall security man, James Barker, who saw Laymon from the rear and then moved into a toilet stall, hoping to entice him.

The sodomy law was repealed in a revised criminal code adopted in 1977.

Nebraska has the distinction of being the only state in the nation whose sodomy law repeal was enacted over the veto of the Governor.

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