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To be a fan of tuneful, tastefully literate rock in the mid- to late- 1970s was to walk among giants.The better the albums were, the more sophisticated and polished the songs and arrangements, the better they sold and the bigger their cultural impact – Jackson Browne’s The Pretender, Steely Dan’s Aja, the Eagles’ Hotel California, Boz Scaggs’ Silk Degrees, Joni Mitchell’s Court And Spark, Paul Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Years.(A smaller but “expanded” Rumours also is available.) Fleetwood Mac at this point was a sum of some very strong parts.Christine Mc Vie was a tunesmith worthy of the Brill Building’s heyday – Goffin and Mc Vie? She also had perfect pitch – the outtakes and live cuts show she could find the right key, the perfect melodiousness, for her vocals right from the get-go.A deluxe edition is available, featuring an additional CD of outtakes from the "Rumours" recording sessions, the 1977 documentary "Rosebud Film" and the entire album on 140-gram vinyl.Both versions (minus the vinyl, of course) are also available in digital formats.If you’re one of the 45 million people who’ve bought Rumours, you know its glories – the uncanny fusion of pop hooks, 1950s rock exuberance and heavenly harmonies: Stevie Nicks, in "dreams," revealing the poison dart beneath her faerie wings; Lindsey Buckingham baring his fangs in "Go Your Own Way"; the scent of Laurel Canyon sycamores (and Humboldt County pot) wafting over it all.

The three-CD version, released by Rhino records, retails for about .The real revelations are recordings that part the curtains on the making of Rumours, like Christine Mc Vie's solo-piano-demo rendition of "Songbird." Then there's the country-rock lament "Silver Springs,” a B side that would have been another band's lead single.Fleetwood Mac's Rumours would never be just an album.4) The third CD provides the biggest treat for fans who thought they had explored all of "Rumours." Its 16 songs provide a peek at the evolution of the album's gems.For example, on a slower, stripped-down "Dreams: Take 2," Nicks' ethereal vocals blend magically with gentle accompaniment by Mc Vie's organ.

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