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This document aid service companies, drilling contractors, oil companies, vessel owners, and guide them in certifying and controlling the temporary equipment being sent offshore.

This document describes our recommendations for recertification of well control equipment, in addition to outline our understanding of the requirement for recertification of well control equipment specified by Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA).

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This document provides an introduction to the system of offshore classification, how it works, conditions of validity and its interaction with maritime and coastal state control.

In this guideline we present services with respect to risk based verification, certification and classification of offshore gas terminals.

The vertical centre of gravity (VCG) of the unit directly influences stability and, therefore, safety and the unit needs to be operated within limiting VCG curves.

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DNV GL technical guidelines are developed and based on the competence and experience of our global network of engineers, extensive research, development programs and through close cooperation with our customers worldwide.

The guidelines are to be used in conjunction with DNVGL Rules for classification of Drilling units and the technical standard DNVGL-OS-E101 Drilling Systems together, as a supplementary guidance document.

UWILD clarify to owners and Flag State Administrations the DNV GL conditions required accepting and supporting in-water bottom survey of Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs) as an alternative to dry docking.

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The purpose of this document is to provide an introduction to offshore classification service related to structural strength, including a brief description of early phase services as well as full classification services related to structural strength.

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