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You wouldn’t send an outdated resume to a potential employer—so why let your Linked In profile wither away with old information?

As the world’s largest professional networking site, Linked In isn’t slowing down when it comes to growth.

› Your summary is a good place to do some storytelling. Talk about where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished, and where you see yourself in the future.

It’s a chance to talk about your achievements according to you. This is an opportunity to describe your life’s passion and career prospects in your own words.

Your profile photo is the virtual equivalent to walking into an in-person interview—it’s a first impression. Refrain from using a webcam image from 2007 (please).

It’s the first thing someone notices about your Linked In profile, so make sure it sends the right message. No one wants to do business with a thumbnail image of your pixelated face.

Forty percent of users check Linked In on the daily—in other words, your social media activity on Linked In matters.

Personalizing your URL is a way of making sure that your Linked In profile is the first thing people see when they look you up on Google.

When you sign up for Linked In, the default URL that you get isn’t exactly the best.

Instead of living under a jumble of numbers, opt for a vanity URL.

Rich media—video, audio, and clickable content people interact with—can make all the difference between a basic Linked In profile and one that really takes the cake. Since the last time you updated your Linked In profile, have you created a website, launched a product, run a unique campaign, or been quoted in an article? And now that video is becoming more and more prolific, you might also want to consider including You Tube cameos or interviews you’ve appeared in.

This step is about providing real examples of your work.

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For example, Hootsuite’s CEO, Ryan Holmes, is big on producing thought leadership pieces and publishing on Linked In pulse.

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