Is six months of dating a big deal

Although the couple bickered for the first few weeks of living together, they eventually ironed out their differences and set clear boundaries and expectations: “We make sure that we split chores and are really open about when we’re annoying each other,” Margot says.

I told him I was looking for a pen, but the truth is I was snooping. I was so curious as to what everyone around me was privately thinking.

We moved in together out of necessity,” she explains.

She moved in with her boyfriend two and a half years ago, but they’d already been in a relationship for over four.

But one of the biggest moves a couple can make is to move in together.But according to dating coach and relationship expert Madeleine Mason, there’s no one perfect length of time that means you’re ready to move in with your partner: “The ideal time for a couple to move in together is not based on 'clock time' as in days or months,” she explained to “In theory if you can do that in a week, by all means move in! “Relationships move at different paces for different people,” dating expert Vicki Pavitt told 26-year-old Ben had been with his girlfriend for three years before they moved in together, but had been talking about it for a long time.“We used to live close to each other in London and see each other every other day anyway, but then she had to move home (outside of London) and all of a sudden there was a big distance between us,” he told “That was just the trigger really - we both felt ready and had no doubt we'd be able to happily coexist, and so far that's been exactly the case!In hindsight, the list’s existence doesn’t shock me (I had my own versions in the form of nauseatingly long Word documents), but the of it are so telling. That my best qualities in his eyes — cute, fun, nice, hot — were nowhere close to the ones I valued in myself and would prefer to be loved for — my mind, personality, literally anything else — should have been a smack upside the head for me. Guys often forget relationship anniversaries, according to every bad comedian’s jokes since about 1965, and various magazines and TV shows since then.

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“I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for a year,” 24-year-old Emma explained to .

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