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Your credit report can show you if you’ve missed some payments on cards or loans you have.

Credit scores of course weigh up lots of different pieces of information, and if everything else on your report and application form is favourable, it need not be a deal-breaker.

He’ll call or text or email at three in the morning – that’s normal for Simon. What we put out on The X Factor or BGT is an hour’s worth of entertainment, but it represents months of pain because I can tell you he’s not just the presenter – he will sit with me and go through every frame of every show.‘I’ve been at events with him – there have been all these gorgeous women flocking around him and he’ll ask me to sit down next to him.

In the middle of some major event, he’ll want to talk about a new editing change or a light. His former business partner, Simon Fuller, who has spent the best part of this decade locked in legal battle after legal battle with Cowell over the rights to The X Factor and Pop Idol, privately acknowledges that if there was ever a problem he’d be there for him.'Simon is exactly the same person now as he was back in the Eighties.

He believes in total loyalty (he still banks with Mike from the Nat West who gave him his first loan after he lost all his money) and absolute revenge (‘If someone screws me, they regret it. His decor is replicated in his homes, in his dressing rooms, and in his offices – white leather sofas, chrome and glass tables, chrome fittings.Cowell understands the importance of personal branding.Dressed in an immaculate black suit, snow-white shirt opened to the third button, with his matt black hair, Dulux-white teeth and Caribbean beach tan, he is one of the 21st century’s most familiar faces.It was a junior who told him to listen to Wild Horses when he was unhappy with the choices for Susan Boyle’s album songs.It remains her most popular song.‘I used to have that number and funnily enough I was offered the number to work on one show for the rest of my life and the same number was offered to me by a competing network who wanted me to jump ship.‘I didn’t want to stay on a show (American Idol, which he quit two years ago) for the rest of my life and I didn’t want to compete with a network that had been good to me so I walked away with zero regrets.

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