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Additionally, if an individual were sentenced to the maximum term of 10 years of imprisonment for a crime in 1999, and in 2002 the maximum sentence for that crime changed to 20 years, the sentence of that individual cannot be changed retroactively to conform to the new law.

However, in order for a retroactive law to violate the ex post facto clause, the legal consequence that is changed retroactively must be "punitive" (i.e., considered to be punishment), as opposed to civil, remedial, or a collateral consequence.

"And you get to be my first blow-jay of the day..a treat! I hadn't heard anything about the BJ Booth since the mid-90's, I think. I was robbed of the best BJ of my life 'cause of that jaunt to Orlando! "Yeah, after each girl is finished swallowing her load of cum and the blowjob is completed, the judges tally up all the score-cards and announce the winner of the contest over the PA. He noticed a pretty silver necklace and pendant sparkling in the sunlight above Kristi's firm, mouth-watering teen-girl tits. "Please secure your vehicle and join me in my cruiser, won't you? It sounds like you're sucking giving a blowjob right now when you should be getting ready?! She had a cover girl's lips and mouth, set below very attractive, interested eyes.

That's why I was kinda speeding, we gotta get there a little early to get organized and stuff." She flipped her adorable, long blonde hair over her shoulder with one hand and looked up, expectantly. Back when Teagan Rousseau used to suck cock for the fair." Officer Bannnister turned the bright, glittery card over and read "Blowjob Booth Employee Kristi." Below was a small, amusing cartoon of a smiling, nude brunette sucking an over-sized penis on her knees. Bad timing." Bannister was getting an interested kick out of this. I just about peed myself when I heard my name called as the winner! We'll see if we can get this speeding issue resolved...expeditiously." "Yay! She was, like Kristi, a very pretty girl; this was a requirement for working at the Bridgeport Blowjob Booth.

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By now, many people have realized that they or their friends will be negatively impacted by these laws.

For most, it's probably hard to grasp how such laws could be legal.

And he wanted this sweet little biscuit to suck his growing meat dry for him. I'm just on my way to pick up my friend Jordan on Grant Street for the Bridgeport Fair; we're both working in the Blowjob Booth this afternoon, starting at noon. " She passed the officer her papers enthusiastically, and the sparkly card, as well. I unfortunately missed the opportunity because I was out-of-town... She's reputed to have the most talented mouth ev-" "Uh, hello!! The best kind of competition, if you were to ask him. Bannister handed Kristi back her BJ Booth ID card with her registration and insurance and took off his sunglasses officiously. Most def." Kristi laughed, twirling her hair coyly. " Kristi skipped by these two stoked beach-boys and yanked opened Jordan's front door without knocking. Jordan had a hoop and diamond stud in her left eyebrow and a silver lip-piercing. I was swallowing his cum about 3 minutes after I popped his dick in my mouth, and lemme tell you, I sucked it goooood. I also sucked three of the judges' cocks afterwards, for the grand-prize ceremony.He untucked his shirt and set his state large state policeman's hat on the floor. " Kristi heard what sounded like sucking noises in the background, over the phone. She regularly sucked 3 to 4 different dicks a week, sometimes up to 6 or 7, blowing boys that worked in gas stations, clothing stores, or doormen at dance clubs..about anyone with a nice, hard cock for her sultry mouth. She regularly returned to the topic of blowjobs in conversation several times a day and was always watching videos of big dicks being sucked online.Kristi whipped open the passenger-side door and half-dove in, head-first. We can't be late." Kristi didn't want to sound to spastically anal, but you had to be pushy with Jordan sometimes. Due to her pre-occupation with well-hung men and performing blowjobs, she had sucked even more dick than Kristi, and had slipped easily out of several run-ins with shoplifting and loitering by sucking and blowing her way to impunity."We're charging 20 dollars-a-blowjob at the fair today, but you get one free-of-charge! But, starting maybe 3 or 4 years ago, she only blows me on special occasions like my birthday and Christmas. I'm less than 5 minutes from your apartment, are you ready? She regularly gave group blowjobs at parties with Kristi, blowing and swallowing 15 or 20 boys a night.

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In other states, the high courts have upheld the new laws.

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