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His success sky rocketed in 20 with successful concerts as far away as Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Wisconsin.

Concerts were also give in Texas, Ohio and all of the South East.

For more information about the Memorial or to contribute to the project visit: Workers Memorial - - - PROFILE NO.

He stated he was going to see his son, Emilio, who was living at 3 St. He was taken to the Construction Hospital at Homer.

Initially his condition appeared to stabilize, but then deteriorated quickly and he died Jan. An inquest determined his death was “purely accidental.” The death certificate for Rantucci indicates he had worked on the canal since October 1920.

The informant for the certificate was Luigi’s nephew, Tomasso Rantucci.

While the United States reacted to this change by passing laws in 1917, 1918, 19 that made immigration more difficult, Canada was more welcoming of the newcomers.

The difference in attitude was not a product of greater Canadian benevolence, but rather pragmatic calculation: the Canadian West was still thinly populated and, some feared, vulnerable to colonization or conquest by its southern neighbour.

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