Red flags when dating a guy

He always said there would be time down the road and not to rush it – but after six months, there was a growing pattern. If someone hangs out with you, you want to be connected in their lives.” 4.

“The first red flag was that he lied about his age.

Here are some relationship warning signs that women regret ignoring: 1.

“My partner consistently told me he preferred life off the grid.

When me and my ex began dating, I’d approach him with something that unsettled me and that conversation would shift immediately to why it wasn’t his fault, or why the thing shouldn’t have unsettled me in the first place. I wish I’d known that my feelings are always valid and no one gets to tell me that I’m crazy, or to just be quiet.” 9.

“We only saw each other 1-2 times a month because I lived an hour away.

When he was with her, he kept hinting at us dating one day, and saying how much he liked me.

When he was actually single and that was a real possibility now, he ghosted very quickly.” 7. He usually just caved in and agreed with whatever my complaints were, but never took real steps to change.

I never ended up doing it, but he made me feel terrible for it.“I guess an obvious red flag should've been getting with him three months after he separated from his wife of five years and was forced to move back in with his parents.He wasn't sentimental about the divorce and was quick to place a title on what we were in order to stop me from dating other men.I was young, had never tried it, came from a very sheltered upbringing, and wasn't really interested at all in trying it yet.He took my 'no' very personally – he said that if I refused to try weed with him, that meant I was judging him for doing it (not true! And what was he supposed to tell other people at parties when his girlfriend wouldn't smoke weed with him?

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