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This emphasizes the further role of bulk composition, in addition to high temperatures, in achieving maximum Ca Es contents in high-pressure clinopyroxene.Abstract: Diamond synthesis and its morphology by in-liquid plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method are investigated in this study.

This makes it important to understand the factors that maximize Ca Es incorporation in clinopyroxene.If the reference code is highlighted yellow, the reference was made available through the most recent monthly compilation of new literature. When new references are posted, we make it our priority to track down an online link and obtain an abstract.With regard to older references, tracking down an abstract and an online link is a work in progress.An assessment of available experimental data reveals a maximum of 15-18 mol% Ca Es in eclogitic clinopyroxene at conditions corresponding to 130-180 km depth.Ca Es contents are maximized at high temperatures; i.e., at or near the solidus in the presence of coesite.

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