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Once errors are detected, App Perfect can automatically fix over 180 types of violations. It is recommended to take backup of your source code before applying Auto-fix.To enable Auto-Fix for rule violations during analysis select Project - Properties..To tackle the challenges without compromising on both performance and robustness of the application the developer very often comes across various issues while coding, such as.Such issues if not detected in the early stages of the development cycle, can prove to be extremely expensive by way of unsatisfied customers, damage to the reputation and profile of the organization and extended hours of identifying issues and correcting them.

menu option and select the option to Analyze JSP Files.You can create Custom Rule Configuration for your project and select the rules your desire to validate for your source. By default Standard Rules configuration is applied.To create custom Rule Configuration select the Project -> Rules Manager... You can create a New Rules Configuration and select the rules you wish to apply.Java Code Testing involves testing your java source code against industry standard coding rules and ensuring that your java source is stable, optimized, consistent, portable and is compliant with coding standards.Automated Java Code Testing is more efficient and less error prone as compared to manual code reviews.

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